CED was in charge of designing, developing and implementing the professional development component and beneficiaries product evaluation for an environmental education program supported by the Fondo Accion foundation, the Colombian National Science Agency (Colciencias), the National University of Colombia, the Antioquia’s department Center for Science and Technology (CTA), and the SieNi association, a non-for-profit organization of Colombian citizens in Switzerland. CED participated in several key project activities such as:


1.     Project design in its pre-operational stage, in partnership with the SieNi foundation.

2.     Design of professional development workshops for training 23 teachers from rural schools in the same number of municipalities in the departmemt of Antioquia, Colombia.

3.     Evaluation of the final products of the “water teams”. Water Teams were teams of between 10 to 15 students leaded by a school teacher in each of the participating schools. The water teams had as goal to make a diagnostic of the state of their local water sources and propose a plan for its improvement.