CED conducted two professional development programs for El Bosque University in Bogotá, Colombia.

1.     The first was a training and follow up semester-long program for 51 faculty members. The program was about curriculum design and teaching for the promotion of academic success and learning for students. Participating faculty taught at different schools and programs at the university (i.e. physics, arts, law, medicine). This professional development program included:

a.     An intensive, 40-hour, week long course on evaluation centered curriculum/instructional design and teaching.

b.     Design of teaching innovations and and evaluation instruments to be implemented during the semester

c.     Individualized follow up by a team of five CED consultants to support to implementation of the teaching and evaluation innovations.


As a result of this intervention, there were marked reductions in the percentage of failing students in the courses of participating faculty. These reductions differed significantly from the reductions in the academic period immediately before the intervention.


2.     Two intensive workshops, each 8 hours long on evaluation strategies for 110 faculty members from all schools and academic programs in the university